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Guided Tour Historical Town Osnabrück

Osnabrück Central Station

Osnabrück – Central – Station

A building of tradition and of railway progress.

The nerve centre of the railway.

A tower station with two floors and a railway crossing with importance for the whole northern region of Germany.

Here you can get an insight into the most important parts of this station. Since 1895, with the beginning of the industrial revolution, this station is the crossing centre of the railway lines. You are going to visit the station building with forecourt, the platforms and the signal tower. This signal tower with the technology of push buttons is one of the biggest in Germany.

One of two experts, either the former chief of this station or the chief of the railway police, will guide you and allow an insight into all parts of the station.

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    Lenght: 1,5 h
    Distance: 1,5 km


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